Kate Moss by Kate Garner - she just looks stunning in this picture!

Young Kate Moss" smoking at a cafe, coffee and cigarettes, black & white fashion photography, UK model, sweet and innocent .


So far away from the garden we love she is what moves in the soul of a dove; soon I shall see just how black was my night when we're alone in Her City of light (Deep Purple - My Woman From Tokyo)

positivelynoteworthy: (via nuus)

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お フェロ - Google 検索

Korean makeup -Dewy and bright skin -Straight brows + red lips -Light blush or no blush at all Japa.




As we cross 35 wrinkles, spots and fine lines begin to appear on our face. Makeup is the best thing to hide these imperfections. Well, now you are going to learn the makeup tips that will make you …



恋に落ちて死ぬまで5日間。"ロミオとジュリエット"はまさに究極に儚い悲劇だった | by.S

Perla Maarek shoots Eliisa Raats for the Summer 2011 issue of Fine Taste Magazine. Styling by Amaryllis Joskowicz. - I love the romantic feeling, the hair and the lovely silk top!