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Loving these sleek, fresh little forms. Ceramics - not sure if this is the original source:

By fusing of porcelain and glass, Misa Tanaka has created some vessels called, Shizukana Sora (Quiet Sky), taking second place in this years Takaoka Crafts Competition in Japan. Shizukana Sora by Misa Tanaka, Second Prize at Takaoka Crafts Competition

best bottle package design! water... looks like diamonds and diamonds and water must be a girls best friends!

Creative Packaging: 100 Artistic Bottles That Showcase Effective Branding

Diamond by Cristiano Giuggioli Diamond - Aqua Carpatica, the purest water, chooses to undress every plethora and to dress up light. The light exalts the preciousness of water, for this reason Diamond is the perfect bottle for the perfect water.

Clean Lines, Gorgeous...a floating bathroom sink

The Motif Basin by OMVIVO has an etched glass base that 'projects' a pattern to the surface below.

Meld Wine Glass inspired by the interaction between glass and hand, merges them to create delicate interactive glass objects, from muzzdesign.

Meld Wine Glass- The interaction between glass and the human hand was the inspiration for Turkish design studio Muzz. Taking two familiar forms, glass and hand, and merging them to create a delicate interactive glass resulted in the tactile Meld line.

Cool! Something like this would be fun as a small set (4pc?) to use as tumblers for liquor.

Drink A Diamond Glass Set

Geometric Cocktail Glasses - Urban Outfitters Drink a Diamond Glass Set is Decorative (GALLERY)