Lovely informational one pager showcasing how interior design has changed over the previous decades. The long one page website is really well done with interactive hotspots of information overlaying the beautiful illustrations of furniture. A shout out to

ENCENS on Behance

ENCENS on Behance - Indoor gardening website. Water colour illustration with clean type

✖ web

余白 トップで説明 Very clean web design. I need something with a little more punch but overall this is in the right vein.

Very usefull : 10 Basic Tips About #responsive #design - #webdesign #rwd

10 Basic Tips About Responsive Design - Infographic


Table of Contents Idea! I love the idea of one large photography spilling into other sub sections. They all use the same lighting so when something is overlaid on top of it it still looks really cool.

colors, flat, layout, concept

colors, flat, layout, concept

Satchmi Vinyl Day

Satchmi Vinyl Day site - can't find the live site though. Love the combination of super simple geometric line art + hand drawn elements, subtle gradients, and super happy colors!

We love the minimalist approach to displaying the products (beautiful bikes, no less!) on this website design. #webdesign #minimalist #design

Today we present you a flat PSD template designed by Yebo. It's a simple bicycle template with flat design, retro and vintage colors and in just one.


Bangkok Night Light 2 by Tintins I dont like the peeled page and drop shadow on some icons. But still very nice work!