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platy fish

Collection by Nicolaas Jan

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Top 10 dos mais impressionantes e coloridos peixes tropicais

Enquanto os peixes de água salgada detêm o recorde de mais coloridos, ainda há muitos peixes de água doce que mostram um colorido vivo e brilhante. A variedade de peixes tropicais abaixo é escolhida apenas por sua cor superior. 1.Lemon Cichlid: 2.Cardinal Tetra: 3.Betta Fish: 4.Gardeneri Killifish: 5.Clown Loach: 6.Fancy Guppy: 7.Swordtail: 8.Platy: 9.Clown Rasbora: 10.Discus: Fonte:http://www.associatedcontent.com

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Painted Platy: Tropical Fish for Freshwater Aquariums

The Painted Platy is a beautiful, orange, yellow and black color variety of the popular Xiphophorus maculatus Platy. Iridescent black sides and a brilliant golden profile appear as though an artist personally painted each fish. Through selective breeding, platies are now available in a wide range of new color and fin variations. The Painted Platy is a great example of an atypical color variation. The Painted Platy adds brilliant color to the aquarium and are very easy to keep. These…

How To Choose A Tropical Fish Aquarium The first decision you must make when you buy an aquarium is whether you plan to keep freshwater fish or saltwater Tropical Freshwater Fish, Tropical Fish Aquarium, Freshwater Aquarium Fish, Aquarium Fish Tank, Planted Aquarium, Platy Fish, Pet Supermarket, Paludarium, Aquarium Fish

How To Choose A Tropical Fish Aquarium

How To Choose A Tropical Fish Aquarium The first decision you must make when you buy an aquarium is whether you plan to keep freshwater fish or saltwater fish. It´s up to you whether you want to keep saltwater or freshwater, but if this is your first aquarium, then I suggest you start with a freshwater aquarium.

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Achat en ligne de Guppy mâle, nombreuses variétés !

Vente sur internet de variétés de mâles Guppy qui vous seront expédiés en express (24h). Commande parfaitement protégée pour des poissons en parfaite santé

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DIY Fish Food for Color Enhancement ᴴᴰ

You can see the recipe at 1:35. Each kind of fish requires a specific diet. This food works for livebearers, tetra species, barbs, and some cichlids and catf...

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Common Platy female Closeup

Common Platy (Xiphophorus maculatus) Closeup. Croup Sony Alpha 200, Minolta AF Macro 50mm 3.5, wireless external flash © All Rights Reserved - No usage allowed without the written consent from Photomino