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Fotografija: Rebeka Noris Veb

©Rebecca Norris Webb, "Ghost Mountain," from "My Dakota" in "Visions of Earth" column, National Geographic Magazine, April 2013

Fotografija: Fil Joumans

“ An abandoned baby hedgehog - or hoglet - sleeps at the Folly Wildlife Rescue near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Still blind and deaf, four-day-old triplets would have stood no chance in the wet and wild.

Fotografija: Stiven Dalton, NHPA/Photoshot

The Mexican axolotl can regrow missing limbs, parts of its brain, and even make new neurons. (Photo by Stephen Dalton, NHPA/Photoshot, National Geographic Stock)

Fotografija: Donald Miral

LAVA senior photographer Donald Miralle was recently recognized by World Press Photo for his Kona mass swim start photograph

Fotografija: Oded Balilti, AP images

At an ultra-orthodox Jewish wedding near Tel Aviv, Viznitz Hasidim gather around the chief rabbi and the groom. Men and women stay on separate sides of the wedding hall during the ten hour ceremony. Photograph by Oded Bality.

Fotografija: Cancan Ču, Getty Images

Fotografija: Cancan Ču, Getty Images

Fotografija: Jan Parviajnen

Light art photographs and paintings of Finnish artist Janne Parviainen. Janne Parviainen is one of the most well known light painting artists.