Tamagusuku Arch Castle Ruins. Nanjo Okinawa. On the way to peace memorial park. Info and directions in the link.

CONTRIBUTED BY QUENTIN RICHARDSON Tamagusuku Arch I found this place driving north from Peace Memorial Park. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but a simple visit for sightseeing. It rests atop a hill and has a unique arch entrance that is a bit run .

Figure 6. Photograph from 1919 of a young woman being tattooed with Okinawan hajichi, a practice outlawed in 1899. Source: Saito Takushi, Irezumi bokufu: Naze irezumi to ikiru ka,Yokohama: Shunpu sha, 2005, p.174.[21]

a young Okinawan woman is tattooed with hajichi, a practice outlawed in

喜如嘉の芭蕉布 Basho-fu, Okinawa Japan

喜如嘉の芭蕉布 Basho-fu, Okinawa Japan

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