Loish new art 2016

i've been digging pink lately! wanted to paint something with bright pastels and fashion-inspired. drawn in photoshop with an for more info on my artwork please visit loish.


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JR (Japan Rail) advertisement by Marumiyan. もっと見る もっと見る

JR (Japan Rail) advertisement by Marumiyan

Cameron Stewart

cameron-stewart: “ Personal work, 2012 ” Hey a real fun announcement from Amamak Photography! (part If you’re going to make art out of our photos, give credit, please! It’s really not that hard to.

Body pose ref.

Romantic * cocoA by popobana. Do not use my drawing without my permission Please.

「鳥獣戯画」でドラえもんを - デイリーポータルZ:@nifty

「鳥獣戯画」でドラえもんを - デイリーポータルZ:@nifty

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