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Eu, sempre

Eu, sempre

Someone asked for a little tutorial on how I draw ponies so here it is. If you don't understand my handwriting, let me know and m. Pony Tutorial - My Style (English/Castellano)

A Bunch of Expressions by sharkie19

A Bunch of Expressions by on deviantART. So encyclopedically helpful! ★★★ Find More inspiration ★★★

Kraut's Rendering Plant

Kraut's Rendering Plant

paint tool sai anime eye tutorial by on @deviantART

eye TUTO Step by step - Dessin et colo d'un oeil manga sur Paint Tool Sai - by Akashicchan

well, it's self explanatory ; I was commissioned by Neo-Anton to make a tutorial on how to draw muzzles. But I decided to make it sorta just a big guide on the whole face and expressions and stuf.