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7 free tools for anyone who wants to become a better writer

7 Free Tools for Anyone Who Wants to Become a Better Writer - grammar tools, writing prompts, word suggestions and

Zara Picken

Smithsonian Magazine commissioned me to illustrate an article on the subject of uptalk, whereby people end their statements to sound like questions. A study found that use of uptalk can indicate u.


Hungarian artist Flóra Borsi’s latest series may have you seeing swirls of coffee next time you look up at the sky. Flóra inserted images of creamy coffee in the sky of her own cityscape photos.

不思議でかわいい動物たちを彩ろう!~「動物たちのぬり絵ブック」刊行のお知らせ~|株式会社パイ インターナショナルのプレスリリース

Our huge selection of adults coloring books and coloring postcards includes names like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Millie Marotta, Johanna Basford and Kerby Rosanes to name a few. We also have a huge selection of colored pencils.




Thanks to the fantastic Rick Webb for letting us stay at his place in NY, and to Mo Mo Mo for collaborating on this. I do not own 19 ipads. Now featured on the very app page that I used to make this

Overall, e-book readers, including Kindles, have taken over the concept of physical books. Ultimately, e-book readers have refashioned the simple idea of a book and transformed it into something unbelievably astonishing.

How David Bailey’s Portrait of Jean Shrimpton Changed His Life | Vanity Fair

How David Bailey’s Portrait of Jean Shrimpton Changed His Life

How David Bailey’s Portrait of Jean Shrimpton Changed His Life | Vanity Fair




Splatoon Cosplay, Traffic Light

A rainbow lights up the gray sky above the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon on the coast of Iceland. Photo copyright to Gary Koutsoubis


Italian police seize 'lost' Picasso from retired picture framer

utsukushigahara in nagano

utsukushigahara in nagano

street lamp.  / created by nekotaro

/ created by nekotaro