really cute simple vector icons - adding a paper texture to these would make em feel more crafty!

Simple vector icons - adding a paper texture to these would make em feel more crafty!

A set of 100 free education icons. The icons are really nice and clean and can be used on education related websites, mobile apps or graphics. They come in - posted under Icons tagged with: Education, Free, Graphic Design, Icon, Outline, PNG, Resource, SVG, Vector by Fribly Editorial

100 Free Education Icons

東京の魅力を69のアイコンで表現した「TOKYO ICON」をおみやげにどうぞ

東京の魅力を69のアイコンで表現した「TOKYO ICON」をおみやげにどうぞ

配色が素敵!フラットデザイン無料アイコン90個セットBeautiful Flat IconsPhotoshopVIP |

配色が素敵!フラットデザイン無料アイコン90個セットBeautiful Flat Icons

配色が素敵!フラットデザイン無料アイコン90個セットBeautiful Flat IconsPhotoshopVIP |

Googleマップ風、地図用ピクトグラム無料アイコン素材200個セットPhotoshopVIP | PhotoshopVIP


Googleマップ風、地図用ピクトグラム無料アイコン素材200個セットPhotoshopVIP | PhotoshopVIP


Completely free vector based line icons for you. In the pack you can find icons in PDF, SVG, EPS, PNG formats and finally as an icon font.

シンプルで使いやすい!フラットデザインの無料イラストアイコン素材セットRoundicons Icon Set

トレンドを押さえた、最新フラットデザイン系フリーアイコン素材まとめ - PhotoshopVIP


Awesome Simple Line Icons Set This is volume three of the line icons collection with 40 new icons perfect for your web and mobile projects. As you already know all icons are pixel perfect vector shapes available in two sizes and

細部にこだわった、ピクトグラム無料ベクターアイコン素材200個セット(Ai, EPS, PSD, JPG)

細部にこだわった、ピクトグラム無料ベクターアイコン素材200個セット(Ai, EPS, PSD, JPG

This lovingly honed set, of 200 vector icons is fantastic for use on all manner of sites. With subjects ranging from science to entertaining, the vast scope of