Kitty tutu pole. Lol

* * KITTEH: " Sometimes, de things dat seem mosts obvious, aren'ts.


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cat tempLe

ozonebabys-temple: “ [[MORE]]A great Zen Buddhist master, who was in charge of the Mayu Kagi monastery, had a cat which was his true passion in life. So, during meditation classes, he kept the cat by.

1.こりゃひでぇーな… オイル漏れてんぞ タイヤ外しますか? 2.早くそっち外せやっ! 先輩、道具なきゃ無理っすよ! 3.吉田ぁー!スパナ持ってこーい! 4.吉田→

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They are all so fluffy!! I want to cuddle them.

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