its like it's thinking, "Yes, yes, look deep into my eyes human...while it plans it's strike. #paralizingeyes #prettykitty

Beautiful Blue eyes would be a perfect name for this kitty Beautiful Cats!

cat island inhabitants, Japan

ITS DE CLANS!probably Riverclan? Cause the first cat looks like Leapordstar?

「可愛い」以外の語彙力が消えた あまりに可愛い黒猫ちゃん – grape [グレイプ]

Cute Black-cat KUKU, 24 february 2017 / grape this is such a cute cat!


ginger kitten asleep on a small red pillow - 11 Reasons Your Crazy Cat Obsession Makes You Happier And Healthier

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むっちりほっぺがまるでぬいぐるみのよう! グレイさんの画像集