Pink Pyrex.

Pyrex mixing bowls I so remember these growing up I wish I would have kept them when mom passed on. I want these!

vintage pyrex... pretty colours

Vintage Pyrex casserole dishes in a rainbow of colors including red Friendship, blue Snowflake, & aqua Butterprint patterns


Not too long ago I found the bottom PYREX dish (black/snowflakes) at a thrift store. I was thrilled to pieces. I use my PYREX at least once everyday. I serve, bake, prepare and adore my PYREX. My humble opinion.You can never have too much PYREX!

Pyrex dishes

As you probably know (based on this website’s headline above), I fancy food and vintage things. I fancy them a lot. So, it’s probably not a surprise that I love vintage cookware. Recently, I’ve been a little obsessed with vintage pyrex kitchen

Pyrex love!

I must have a set of these vintage turquoise Pyrex refrigerator dishes.some day lol this set is rare and much more expensive!

Crown Pyrex round mixing bowl

Crown Pyrex: round mixing bowl