Holiday Snow Globe Cake Recipe

Holiday Snow Globe Cake

Holiday Snow Globe Cake Recipe - love the idea of putting a glass fish bowl on top of a coconut cake and decorating the inside to look like a snowglobe

Winter - Christmas snow globe | Cookie Connection

Winter - Christmas snow globe--boil caramel on low keeps it clear in color. Then pour it inside the cookie circles

Snow Globe Cookies by 1 Fine Cookie

Snow Globe Cookies by 1 Fine Cookie. Sugar cookies with the center cut out. The center is then filled with a cooked down sugar (hard candy stage) being somewhat transparent. Decoration on "sugar glass" to make snow globe look.

DIY: Snow Globe Cupcakes

DIY Snow Globe Cupcakes with edible globes made of gelatin. By Alanna Jones-Mann She used powdered gelatin

snow globe cupcakes - very cute idea!

Snow globe cupcakes: I'm not a stickler about useless garnish, but when the topper demands an entirely separate Martha Stewart craft project?

Fully Edible Gelatin Snow Globe Cupcakes (MIND BLOWN)

A couple of years ago I was trying to figure out how to make a snow globe cake and after failing a few times, I ended up just adding a plastic one to top the cake.