Wear Any Clothes Just As Long As They're Bright 7” vinyl design by Eve Warren (UK) - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2016/05/wear-any-clothes-just-as-long-as-theyre.html

Wear Any Clothes Just As Long As They're Bright

LIKE: Colour Palette - although ours is a more saturated and warm, Love the rich Pink. Not afraid of a bit of pattern. UNLIKE: Blue, you can't eat blue. Basic Colour psychology. Chocolate brand Wünder by Jack Thompson


So pretty, colors correspond with flavor, cool names, spider web etchings, unique Chocolate brand Wünder by Jack Thompson

山コスメ 八海山醸造

Hand cream packaging design ideas and inspiration. Love the white and dusty pink with cute illustrations.

idea for mailing out. when unfolded could be in cool shape that has resume ---------- A HAPPY NEW YEAR art factory / Naonori Yago / 矢後直規

I love the vibrant green color. I also love the transparent slip because it let's the green show through without being too in-your-face. The color and the logo make for a very elegant-looking design.

Marie-Sixtine - sandrineplace

I LOVE these gem shaped soaps. I think a simple wrapping label was the way to go. A large box would take away from the beautifully shaped soaps inside.

工房グレイン|アカオニデザイン|山形のデザイン事務所|デザイン・ホームページ制作 - created via http://pinthemall.net

工房グレイン|アカオニデザイン|山形のデザイン事務所|デザイン・ホームページ制作 - created via http://pinthemall.net

Intermission skincare packaging design by Contentformcontext - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2017/09/intermission.html


Intermission Skin Care Packaging by Charry Jeon Fivestar Branding Agency – Design and Branding Agency & Curated Inspiration Gallery