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Natsuhiko Ujiie

Natsuhiko Ujiie
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Eight years ago Wally did what it does best and stunned the sailing world with the launch of its exuberant, incomparable ‘Nano’. The Andre Hoek designed masterpiece, the first of which was the bling, pastel-pink cover star of our January 2009 issue, pushed the limit in terms of size and price of what was conventionally deemed a daysailer. Three Nanos were built in Turkey, however, for a variety of reasons, the project never took off. So What happened? Such flamboyance doesn’t simply…

The incomparable style of Wally Nano MkII – a Hoek designed modern classic - Yachting World

Doesn't have to be small. Rustler 33

My Boat Plans - My Boat Plans - Doesnt have to be small. Rustler 33 - 518 Illustrated, Step-By-Step Boat Plans - Master Boat Builder with 31 Years of Experience Finally Releases Archive Of 518 Illustrated, Step-By-Step Boat Plans