Kumiko is a traditional Japanese woodworking technique that has been around since the Asuka era AD

Kumiko Ramma Screen

The “Kumiko” woodwork technique was developed In Japan in the Asuka Period AD) has been passed down through the generations. Wood chips, carefully selected and ground, are thinly and preci.

Ideas for laser cut panels...

Concrete Block by SW Walsh. Love these old mid-century concrete screen blocks. Reminds me of old Palm Springs.


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〈福岡県・国産杉材〉組子細工コースターセット(約タテ11×ヨコ9.5×厚み1.1cm) | 三越伊勢丹 木材ポイント交換商品サイト

〈福岡県・国産杉材〉組子細工コースターセット(約タテ11×ヨコ9.5×厚み1.1cm) | 三越伊勢丹 木材ポイント交換商品サイト

組子 胡麻

use this design inside polycarb walls (of steel / blade wire) Sesame wooden panel from Biden


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