Photo Illustration #9 The white on the blue sheets provides a unique angle and takes something that would not normally be looked at in that way.


【予想外】斜め上をいく文の里商店街のポスター25点(第一弾) | creive【クリーブ】

Kumanari Bedding ad wishes customers “Good night. Have a nice trip,” as they make their nightly pilgrimage to slumberland.

Crusoe Men's Innerwear Campaign on Behance

CE: This comment serves for the next three posts. First off, this is how I sleep so I identify with it. I like the concept of dreaming and bein comfortable in your lounge wear.

日本大阪幽默的创意, 拯救落寞市集_文章_数字媒体及职业招聘社交平台 | 数英网@DIGITALING

Fuminosato Shotengai: “Good night and safe travels,” reads a series of ads for a sleepwear shop.