hand-painted 'french armoire' with goldleaf gilding, panels featuring bathing figures produced in oils

Palais Renaissance à Brescia © Vincent Leroux

Variations Classiques

Restoring an Italian Palazzo in Brescia… getting inspired by what's still there and developing a timeless continuity. The work of celebrated Roberto Peregalli et Laura Sartori Rimini alias Studio Peregalli, Milano, Italy

Living Room in Tuscan Style

Living Room in Tuscan Style. The rustic Tuscan color palette leans heavily on earthy, unpretentious hues evocative of a Tuscan hillside.

Traditional Home.

Dubbed the "choiserie room," the sitting room features a pretty fireplace with a stunning onyx surround.

DSC8504.jpg (880×578)

If you don’t have room for side tables, consider placing a table behind your couch. You can display more of your favorite belongings as well as much-needed lighting without interrupting traffic flow. Design by Barry Dixon