I found this book cover to be very interesting because the artist was able to convey his message using line and negative space. I appreciate the simplistic style of the cover and how the text wraps around the shape instead of being typed normally.

50 Top Book and Book Cover Designs

Description Collections: 50 Covers of 2010 Discipline: Book design Format: Book, Book cover Credits Design firm: W. Norton & Co. Art director: Ingsu Liu Jacket designer: Jason Booher Publisher: W. Norton & Co. Trim size: x

Color / Layout / Framing / Graphics /// Gobierno Abierto - Carla Dasso

Open Government - Carla Dasso rc proj - could the (second graphic down) be inspiration for a map/location based idea/co-ordinates of new location/chalets on hill/slopes.

This series of paper art posters is awesome | Paper Art: Principle of Design Poster Series - JOQUZ

Efil Türk created a series of posters of incredible beauty to recall the 10 principles of design. Splendid creations “Principle of Design Poster Series” to illustrate the importance of balance in design, contrast, movement or rhythm