A beautiful Moon roof - the next best thing to sleeping under the stars, especially on a full moon evening like tonight. Would you install this in your home?

So beautiful!

Massive wooden spiral staircase in large stone stairway. A stairway fit for a Colorado castle.

Greatest great room in Shiloh, MT. O.O Landmark Builders.

Okay I think antler chandeliers are the /height/ of tacky, but the stone fireplace and devastatingly gorgeous wood more than make up for it

High Ceilings, Skylights, lots of windows

I love the wood floor and beams no skylights please though not in TX. A kitchen of rough-hewn wood and stone, with a vaulted ceiling of skylight windows, is a dream room inside this rustic log home!


Good Design is as Little Design as Possible

Yatzer: Dieter Rams Home Visit: Through the world of industrial design, the impact of seminal minimalist designer Dieter Rams needs little introduction. While a little bit of Ram.

建築家:森 大樹/小埜勝久「徹底的に生成りのビルトインガレージハウス/Imさんの家」


建築家:森 大樹/小埜勝久「徹底的に生成りのビルトインガレージハウス/Imさんの家」

建築家:森 大樹/小埜勝久「徹底的に生成りのビルトインガレージハウス/Imさんの家」


建築家:森 大樹/小埜勝久「徹底的に生成りのビルトインガレージハウス/Imさんの家」

Great idea for a workshop or studio. Nice and bright and open. Would stay warm in the winter with a wood stove or rocket stove.

The interior of Louie Frazier’s shop in Mendocino County, California, with design based on painting of Mandan earth lodge shown in our book Shelter. From Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter Photo by Lloyd Kahn

love the stone and wood work

Architecture: Fantastic Living Room Decor Rustic High Times House Design, Natural Stone Walls, Pillars Of Wood Beams


Overgaard & Dyrman are convinced that a piece of furniture should appear beautiful even when turned upside down or inside out.