tea & coffee brand packaging

The Adventurous Blends of William Whistle

Beautifully Victorian-esque packaging -- yet MUCH cleaner than Victorian style! Adventures of William Whistle popular tea & coffee brand packaging PD

swash press

Graphic Invitation Striking shapes add an inventive element to this unique design. Swash Press Like the embossing of the date


typethatilike: “ Cobra Wit Co-branding between danish brewery Halsnæs Bryghus and Galleri Liisberg. The beer is a limited edition belgian wheat beer with orange peel and coriander made specially for.

Air Pano by Anna Paschenko, via Behance

Air Pano by Anna Paschenko, via Behance Creation of 9 animated pop-up book pages…

Levi’sの愉快なDM 「飛び出す絵本ならぬ、飛び出すクローゼット!?」  |  AdGang

The Direct marketing titled Levi's: Pop-up closet was done by Mortierbrigade Brussels advertising agency for product: Levi's Jeans (brand: Levi`s) in Belgium.

GGRP Sound: Cardboard Record Player - award 2010

This cardboard record player fits nicely into an envelope for easy mailing. Once it is assembled, a record can be spun on it using a pencil and the shape of the cardboard amplifies the vibrations to make the record play.