Filirea gi

Filirea gi packaging by Christos Zafeiriadis- Packaging design for limited production homemade wine

by Also Known As

Also Known As Studio + Design took a craftsmanship approach to this English style cider when creating a label design for Left Field Cider Co. The label is adaptable to each batch and year its created.

9 VOLT PREMIUM SPIRIT designed by Simon Störk on Behance curated by Packaging Diva PD. Stellar packaging and website for a new premium spirit made of Brazilian Para cress and black tea.

9 VOLT PREMIUM SPIRIT Has a great bottle design that is reminiscent of a battery and a clear minimalist logo. Not sure on the wave design at the bottom though. designed by Simon Störk

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"Heritage is a brand of single barrel bourbon whiskey who’s packaging reflects the age-old process of true whisky making.

Shadow is inspired by “black magic”, which symbolizes the supernatural powers that cannot be seen with naked eyes. The eye logo is the portal to that spiritual essence. In the six pack of Shadow, each bottle has a different taste indicating a “different personality”, and they are represented on the labels as witches hands, scale, sword, moon, sun and fire. The overall style is dark and mysterious.

Shadow Beer (Student Project)

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Stranger & Stranger created a beautiful range of organic vodka for Hanson of Sonoma. Hanson is a family firm making grape vodka in California wine country

The Dieline Awards 2015: Sustainable- PaperFoam Naturally Clicquot II — The Dieline - Package Design Resource

The Dieline Awards 2015: Sustainable- PaperFoam Naturally Clicquot II

In close cooperation with Veuve Clicquot we were able to design Naturally Clicquot II PaperFoam packaging. This packaging will keep the chilled bottle cool for 2 hours and the packaging is afterwards recyclable with paper.