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榮 - sakae - 簪作家 Traditional Japanese Kanzashi hair ornaments by Sakae

Rain flower kanzashi hair ornament by Sakae made of thin resin and brass wire

Kanzashi set for wedding, corals, semi precious stones, gilding

Kanzashi (Traditional Japanese Hair Accesories) Set for Wedding, Corals, Semi Precious stones, Gilding. By Artist Unknown.

Japanese hair accessory, Kanzashi by SAKAE, Japan

簪作家榮 Moon-」 Japanese hair accessory - Queen of the Night Kanzashi - by Sakae, Japan

Japanese hair accessory Kanzashi by SAKAE

A girl in kimono for Shichi-go-san (traditional Japanese event to celebrate children's growth and pray for their future health an.

Alena laurel leaf wrap headpiece leaf circlet by AnnaMarguerite

Alena Wrap Headpiece, bridal headpiece, hair vine, bridal gold crown, bridal halo crown, bohemian, woodland, golden bridal crown, boho #240

Alena Wrap Headpiece - Laurel branch design sweeps around the crown of your head creating an etherial wreath of laurel leaves - Asymmetrically

Hair accessory for kimono, Kanzashi by Sakae, Japan

Канзаши Сакае, Япония / Hair accessory for kimono, Kanzashi by Sakae, Japan