Exellent rainbow

Rainbow ending in Tramp Harbor in the Puget Sound near West Seattle, WA, USA. Such a Vivid, Glorious Rainbow!

Белый лось

[ALBINO MOOSE FROM NORWAY: " Worrys be a mis- use of de mind, but me haz betters concerns than wonderin' if me coulds pass az white chocolate.

ポーランド・ポズナンの聖ヨハネ祭 ランタン祭

"Wish Lanterns" doing this. Use the floating lanterns as centerpieces, then at the end of the night, light them and let them float into the sky =] (yes, inspired by Tangled)

Brilliant colors! Colorful Hindu TempleBy Stanley Zimny

Colorful Hindu Temple, Sri Lanka My Husband isn't keen on going to India.maybe Sri Lanka?

Genesis 9:16 Jehovah's rainbow covenant.

Autumn's Double Rainbow, Richmond, Virginia My Rainbow God is always here & there for me Rainbow. Rainbow me & Rainbow God will always will be together forever & ever.

マラケシュ(Marrakech) もっと見る


Stunning+blue+waterfall.jpg 500×600 ピクセル

Stunning blue waterfall Stunning blue waterfall Havasu Falls Beaver Falls on Havasu Creek, Grand Canyon, Arizona


Cinque Terre, Rio Maggiore, Italy - The 100 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World in Pictures (part