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Here's 30 Barndominium Floor Plans for a Different Purpose. Before building a barndominium, it’s good to know the many types of barndominium floor plans. So these are 30 incredible barndominium floor plans you have to know about!

"Stealth Barn" built for 48k. Love the charred wood outside. Photo by: Christoffer Rudquist

Ochre Barn, Norfolk, England by Carl Turner Architects Ochre Barn is a multi purpose development that houses a retreat, studio space and a private residence for Carl Turner, principal of London based.


Entwerfen und Gebäudelehre Design and Theory of Building Types Professor Karl-Heinz Schmit

VR Tapalpa House / Elías Rizo Arquitectos

Built by Elías Rizo Arquitectos in Tapalpa, Mexico with date Images by Marcos García. Casa VR, located in a secluded area near the town of Tapalpa, is an exercise in clarity and functionality.