1951 Kool-Aid packet

Kool-Aid Soft Drink Package, General Foods, 1951 by Chemical Heritage Foundation ~ Photo by.the C H Foundation.

Sealtest 1965

Our elementary school had the bars and ice cream sandwiches. The trick with the Brown Mule was to carefully chew the chocolate from around the stick, and then slide the chocolate off in one piece.

Vintage Recipe

That amazing old angel food cake with pink icing! Chiffon cake recipe from old Mazola advertising

Its another warm sunny day in London and we're all dreaming of ice-cream...

Rhea Thierstein for Italian Vogue, Photography by Tim Walker. If your interested in ice cream trends just visit my Trendbubbles trend report: trendbubbles.

ピエール・エルメ・パリより新作アイス「グラス エ ソルベ」&「ミス グラグラ」登場 | ニュース - ファッションプレス

ピエール・エルメ・パリより新作アイス「グラス エ ソルベ」&「ミス グラグラ」登場