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The polar bear slips on the ice just in front of the sign that says "Watch for Ice". Polar bears can't read though!


I love you. I just want you to know, I want to SEAL my fate. This face battle will be the rise or fall of my life. I just can't stand it any more. Know that I will always love you, man who feeds me.


Is it a bird? is it a plane? No, it is a bear falling out of a tree. The bear had wandered into the University of Colorado in Boulder and dropped out of the tree after being tranquilised by wildlife officials. The bear wasn't injured




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【可愛い!】ネコだけをまとめたボケて傑作選【ハイレベル】13/01/15 更新! - NAVER まとめ

【可愛い!】ネコだけをまとめたボケて傑作選【ハイレベル】13/01/15 更新! - NAVER まとめ



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beach photos Marrison and River should do this at the beach! @Ashleigh {bee in our bonnet} {bee in our bonnet} {bee in our bonnet} Dawn

oops - lost my head there for a moment - boy - beach - head - sand - shorts - smile


japanese road sign - which way to Fukul?