Magazine layout

Inspirational Modern Magazine Re-Design - Transworld Surf

Modern Magazine Re-design Transworld Surf. Great example of complex grid system: Editorial Design

天琴山秋季形象册 — 七声 #editorial #spread #layout

chinese graphic design - 2 ways of reading/writing Love the illustrations. Annual report or magazine layout

*8*  //  #Typography #GraphicDesign #Inspiration

Illustration inspiration

Typography Inspiration is an art of arranging types and type design in a unique fashion to bring out something special in the design. Typography and Design always go hand in hand.

Graphics we like / japanese / Ywllow / boxes / 中村至男


Mitsuo Katsui (I assume this has something to do with Japanese typography. However, it reminds me of the kind of designs you get on radio spectrum analyzers... which I've been trying to incorporate for years...)

"Letters and Life" poster by Mitsuo Katsui. I believe it's an ad for some kind of font. Love the blurred lines and colouring.


Rio Number Series by Andaur Studios, Astronaut Design - Everyday Project overlapping