African Kimono by Serge Mouangue

WAFRICA by Serge Mouangue (another salute to “cultural blending”) Cameroonian-born, Tokyo-based designer Serge Mouangue is the beautiful mind behind these lovely kimonos. Blessed to have his designs.

Samurai Bushido Code: Makoto. Honesty / Sincerity

JungShan Ink illustrations, Chinese ink combined with digital effect, emotional and atmosphere is my drawing main idea.

オールアップの話との画像 | でんぱ組.inc最上もがオフィシャルブログ「もがたんぺぺぺ」Power…

オールアップの話との画像 | でんぱ組.inc最上もがオフィシャルブログ「もがたんぺぺぺ」Power…