Mine are in my back yard, here in Scottsdale, but aren't they beautiful! JACARANDA Located In our FRONT yard. Blooms in the Spring (March- ?) The most beautiful mess in the world is when the Jacaranda purple petals fall.

fern peony

Fern Leaf Peony - Ants on the opening bud are attracted to the nectar and will leave when the flower is fully open. Contrary to an old myth, ants are not required for the plant to bloom.


Oxford, Maryland Wedding by Alisandra Photography

Bridal Bouquet - Hydrangea, lisianthus, berries, maidenhair fern Maidenhair fern for filler and dainty green texture

Magda Wasiczek

A flower, garden, plants and floral art photography by international garden photographer of the year Magda Wasiczek

ブーケ プリザーブド プルメリア  : 一会 ウエディングの花

ブーケ プリザーブド プルメリア

ブーケ プリザーブド プルメリア : 一会 ウエディングの花

ロザリウム(Rosarium)  ナチュラルなクラッチブーケ