kiritori-graphics:  株式会社 大阪宣伝研究所

kiritori-graphics: 株式会社 大阪宣伝研究所 Beautiful contrast of photography and ink.

”缶詰ラベルコレクション MADE IN JAPAN”―11月下旬発売予定 | 青幻舎 SEIGENSHA Art Publishing, Inc.

おすすめのデザイン本「缶詰ラベルコレクション MADE IN JAPAN」: DesignWorks Archive

Tadanori Yokoo 横尾 忠則 is a Japanese graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker and painter.

gnoth: artwork by tadanori yokoo. original cut from polish journal of design and visual art :projekt:. this was most important picture of my life. and still is this is my favorite poster.

美味しそう!  よく考えてあるなぁ。  アイスの広告。

Ice Cream Poster - Fantastic, double printed, posters designed for ice cream Kibon, by the designer Renata El Dib. Posters represents reminds one side of the texture of an ice cream and the other one to the ice cream cone.