Why have I never thought of bento boxes for lunch? Japanese Traditional Bento Lunch with Mustard Soy Sauce-flavored Pork, Scrambled Egg, Umeboshi Pickled Plum on Rice|日本の弁当

Beef Yakiniku Bento -[Yakiniku-don: beef, bell pepper, paprika] carrot namul Mayochizu, grilled mushrooms & boiled egg.

ミッキー タコライス弁当

Looks like a fairly easy design. Would probably need to tweak ingredients.

Japanese Bento Lunch (Chicken Cheese Nori Fried Roll, Kinpira Carrot, Light-Pickled Cucumber)|弁当>>deli turkey or chicken, spinach and pickle, deep fried

Bento box featuring fried chicken "karaage", lotus root, tamagoyaki, and rice with an umeboshi on top

Bento box featuring meat-stuffed bell peppers, nori tamagoyaki, fresh fruit & veggies, and rice topped with flaked salmon & ao nori

2013.12.12のお弁当【鮭の味噌漬け焼き弁当】の画像 | 曲げわっぱのあひる弁当