Japanese candy sculpture, Amezaiku 飴細工

Japanese candy sculpture - I remember going to Epcot and street performers made these for us.

Japanese sword, Katana 刀


The name for a double sword, shaped in all forms and purposes, like a Japanese katana. Joined at both the top and bottom of the hilt, pulled apart with a small switch at the bottom. Can be used as both one or two swords.

Japanese room

"The outer rooms were a tatami maze with endless spring-loaded screen doors that would shut upon detection of an intruder.

Vintage Japanese kimono fabric

Last Piece 1 yard - Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk Fabric - Dark red to true red in stripe, circle and wavy line design

Matcha Latte

Super Healthy Matcha Green Tea Latte Sweetened with Dates fat refined sugar almond or coconut milk.