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an open sign in front of a colorful background with confetti and words on it
現役デザイナーに聞く!好きなフォントとよく使うフォント!? | はたらくビビビット
an advertisement for allstars with the image of a young woman wearing a star on her shirt
an advertisement for essential hair care products in english and japanese characters on the front cover
花王 / Essential エッセンシャル
花王 / Essential エッセンシャル Professional Poster, Web Banner Design, Japan Design, Japanese Design, Commercial Design, Banner Ads, Ad Design
花王 / Essential エッセンシャル
an advertisement featuring clothes and shoes for women in japanese language, with the caption i have the good sense of style and time
an advertisement for lipstick with japanese writing on the front and back of it's packaging
SHISEIDO 資生堂 / watashi+
シック Schick / HYDRO Silk ハイドロシルク Layout, Banner Layout, Silk
シック Schick / HYDRO Silk ハイドロシルク
an advertisement for the japanese language course on how to use english and chinese characters in children's books
Career+ キャリタス
the sony smart bluetooth speaker is shown in an advertisement for its new product,
SONY ソニー / スピーカーBSP60
two bottles of lava's aqua are shown in japanese
an advertisement for avas weight up with japanese characters on the front and back side
a woman holding up a camera in front of some bushes and flowers with the words nikon 1j5 on it
Nikon ニコン
AEON イオン Yukata, Map
AEON イオン