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nr 4 newson: Japanese 'Talby' cellphone, design by Marc Newson. Mobile Gadgets, Thing 1, Id Design, Japan Design, Aircraft Design, Technology Design, User Interface Design, Minimal Design, Industrial Design

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1963- オーストラリア生まれ。 シドニー芸術大学卒業後、1986年自身の展覧会を開催。飛行機に似た外観の「ロッキード ラウンジ」がデザイン各誌に取り上げられ注目を浴びる。その後、日本に滞在しイデー社の依頼を受け「スーパーグッピーランプ」...

Falling Bookend by Artori Design. Falling bookend supports the books at a surprising, acute angle, which makes it stand out on the shelf and creates interest and humor. Falling bookend supports the books at a surprising, not straight angle. Les Accents, Design3000, Life Hacks, Fallen Book, Book Holders, Book Stands, This Is A Book, Deco Design, Design Shop

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Falling Bookend Book Lovers metal bookend that supports your books at an angle and incorporates them into a dramatic situation on your bookshelf.

KDDI iida Infobar Android phone is stylishly colorful Windows Phone 7, Iida, Naoto Fukasawa, Android, Innovation Design, User Interface, Industrial Design, Phone Accessories, Mall

iida「INFOBAR A01」、スマートフォンで独自UI搭載 - ケータイ Watch

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