UCHIKAKE the Another Wedding Kimono. This beautiful UCHUKAKE is usually brocaded or embroidered with the motif of congratulations such as cranes, pines, and a bounty of flowers. It is believed that UCHIKAKE started to be worn by the high-class samurai family women in the Muromachi era (1336–1573). During the Edo era (1603–1868), UCHIKAKE became a more common kimono for the high-class women like the oiran in Yoshiwara, and since then it has been recognized as a wedding kimono.

Uchikake ~ a highly formal kimono worn by a bride or at a stage performance. It is supposed to be worn outside the actual kimono (called kakeshita or kosode) and obi (sash), as a sort of coat.

Japanese KIMONO for wedding


Kimono (furisode) with plum tree branches, made in Japan in the 19th century

century (Edo Period) silk kimono (furisode) with a design of plum tree branches in red, pink, green, brown and white silk embroidery on a white silk damask with chrysanthemum and tortoiseshell pattern (William Sturgis Bigelow Collection)

Japanese little girl in kimono

This is so beautiful seeing little girls taking in after their Japanese heritage.This is a lovely girl dressed in the traditional Japanese outfit a Kimono with Geta's and the whole lot!

画像 : ガール・オブ・ジャパネスク!和服を着た美女写真集! - NAVER まとめ

画像 : ガール・オブ・ジャパネスク!和服を着た美女写真集! - NAVER まとめ