Brighte​n Collection​ by Amala - luxury skincare

Brighton Collection Bio-Botanical Skincare from Amala

Selected images created for the Mieux Derma Instagram account. The aim was to communicate the brand culture and organic nature of the products, this was achieved by styling the skincare with props, complementary lifestyle products and natural ingredients …

Unlike other brands, Mieux Derma makes us of enriching ingredients, matched with super-stylish branding, to produce a tantalising set of natural products.

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Use with Green eARTh.   Or use of plant matter like this with the natural C items.

Another advanced flat lay. The green leaves make for a very special background for the product styling and the water drops add to the natural styling.

licoricewall:  北川景子 (Keiko Kitagawa): Magazine ad for SEED ‘Eye coffret’  北川景子

licoricewall: 北川景子 (Keiko Kitagawa): Magazine ad for SEED ‘Eye coffret’ 北川景子

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