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a wooden table sitting under a ceiling next to a red wall with lights on it
A counter of Zelkova
a stove top oven sitting in a kitchen next to a window with pictures on it
a kitchen with wood paneling, stainless steel appliances and counter tops is pictured in this image
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use in the day or night time
村上建築工房 | 千葉県南房総館山の工務店
a kitchen with a sink, stove and counter top in the middle of wood flooring
和光の家 – 黒い板塀の棟が連なる家 | 村上建築工房
a dining room table and chairs in front of a window with open shelving on the wall
鎌倉の家 – 2階に明るい生活空間を | 村上建築工房
an unfinished kitchen with wood paneling on the walls and counter tops, including a sink
2013年4月 | 村上建築工房
4月 « 2013 « 村上建築工房
a kitchen with wood paneling and stainless steel appliances
2013年10月 | 村上建築工房
10月 « 2013 « 村上建築工房
two people sitting at a table in front of a bookshelf filled with books
浜田山の家 – 壁面いっぱいの本棚が構造体に | 村上建築工房
an open kitchen and dining room with wood flooring, stairs leading up to the second floor
千倉の古民家再生 – 古民家が住みやすく生まれ変わる | 村上建築工房