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reiko murakami

reiko murakami
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Red-Crested Turaco...Photo by Earl Reinink

The Red-crested Turaco, Tauraco erythrolophus, is a turaco, a group of African near-passerines. It is a fruit-eating bird endemic to western Angola. Its call sounds somewhat like a jungle monkey. Photo by Earl Reinink

** country living

"God was protecting him from greater harm. God protects us and send someone or something just to make sure we are safe. Goose Goose and I had a relationship very similar.

Broad-billed Todyキューバコビトドリ

I would truly just love to see this bird in person. It is the Broad-billed Tody (Todus subulatus) is one of the two species of tody native to the island of Hispaniola.

Rustic Country Birdhouse!

Rustic birdhouse, interesting details (the star, faucet, key)