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Master, Powder Room or second bathroom sinks. - Such a cool rustic idea for a bathroom with a barrel as a sink.

神奈川県 M邸 | 納品事例 | 洗面ボウル販売のセラトレーディング

Concrete and wood bathroom. Very industrial. Tanja says "that's our bathroom right there"

リフォーム・リノベーション会社:株式会社 空間社「家族が見渡せる広いLDK を! – ROPA -」


リフォーム・リノベーション会社:株式会社 空間社「家族が見渡せる広いLDK を! – ROPA -」


Stone mirror and sink, natural wood vanity Everything here is unique. the lighting is delicate, with the solid stone mirror frame and the interesting driftwood trunk.

建築家:鹿内 健「碑文谷・時層の家」


court house: 小泉設計室が手掛けたtranslation missing: jp.style.洗面所-お風呂-トイレ.minimalist洗面所/お風呂/トイレです。


Basketball Court House For this house project, we’ve tried to create a new relation between indoor basketball court and living house. The layout arrangement .

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