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Arctic Greeting Photo by Laura Keene — National Geographic Your Shot - One of my favorite photo !


I know how hard it is to take pictures of bubbles, so I really admire this photographer because he captured a really great image of them! I really like the pink hues in this photo and how the bubbles are lined with a rainbow of colors!

Indigo Crossing

Oh my goodness, I may just die because of the cuteness! The tufted titmouse is one of my favorite birdies!

muddy.. This is adorable

How deep is the mud? What mud? I didn't see any mud. Did you see any mud?

Vintage Wooden Set Children Table and Chairs.

Vintage Wooden Set Children Table w/Chairs

Vintage Wooden Set Children Table w/Chairs by lovintagefinds. This is how I always imagined the Three Bears furniture to have been

best friend

This photo is just beautiful in every way! the companionship shown between the dogs paws and the persons hands makes this photo very personal. Also the blue tinge given to this photo kind of gives it the effect of sadness.

First like yourself

恋をしましょう BEAMS If you want to be liked, first like yourself. If you want to be…