Happy Belated Mother's Day + Baby Photos by Month

Mabel through the months - photo idea baby growth Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Snead // I want to do this as a Christmas present but with me as the baby at intervals of 26 years + 1 month 26 yrs + 2 months and give it to Morgan strunk

Time to make a perfect family photo for a holiday card to send around! Check out some not-so-usual family photo ideas and get inspired!



baby photo idea: "waiting to meet you." Cute idea in front of a chalk board. (Except have my husband in the pic too)


sebastienmillon: “ It was Dick Bruna’s (the creator of Miffy) birthday yesterday, this guy’s work is phenomenal, it transcends cultures, it is lovely and so perfect in its simplicity.

「マタニティフォト フォトプロップス アイディア」の画像検索結果