Phoenix home & garden photographed by Richard Maack. A vibrant outdoor entrance with colorful tiled steps

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birch tree room divider idea I was going to do in living room. just the birch trees not the rest of the room

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Living Room Furnishing Ideas: Examples & Tips for the Trendy Room, Each of us has our own particular thought of the ideal family room and characterizes his fantasy lounge room in an unexpected way. Obviously, this roo.

3rd floor. 天窗

11 Interiors That Are All About the Natural Light. Making the most of natural light in a space is important, but these interiors take it to another level.

外観写真 : ビオトープコーナースタンド (BIOTOP CORNER STAND)[食べログ]

外観写真 : ビオトープコーナースタンド (BIOTOP CORNER STAND)[食べログ]

専門家:株式会社ウィズ・ワンが手掛けた、エントランス(自然素材の家 瀬田モデル)の詳細ページ。新築戸建、リフォーム、リノベーションの事例多数、SUVACO(スバコ)

Step up from front door. Leave shoes on lower step. This style is too modern, but has the right quality of light and spaciousness.

Home decor inspiration: These Scandinavian design ideas will elevate your Scandinavian home decor today!

Marshall Traditional Entry Dc Metro 玄関のインテリア実例(32)

Oversized mudroom in farmhouse. I love the dutch doors, beadboard on the walls and ceiling, Vermont slate tile flooring, schoolhouse lights and a sturdy bench for taking off one's boots in the back entrance of this New England farmhouse.



Cimatonellico stretched to near the top light of 6 m. Looking up from the kitchen is her favorite view.

Great Use of Attic/Roof Space

How great is this use of that small attic space.a personal, private closet space. I really like the reflective ceiling with the use of lights and white paint to provide a light space. I'm picturing an art studio rather than closet.