Jean Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum アブ・ダビ・ルーブル

The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhabi//The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a planned museum, to be located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. On Tuesday 7 March the Louvre in Paris announced that a new Louvre museum would be completed by 2012 in Abu Dhabi


Ozuluama Residence / Architects Collective & at103

Mimesis art museum in paju. Alvaro SIza Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel songs. follow

"Every design is a rigorous attempt to capture a concrete moment of a transitory image in all its nuances" - ALVARO SIZA VIEIRA - (Mimesis Art Museum in Paju by Alvaro Siza)

Kengo Kuma 隈研吾

GC Prostho Museum Research Center / Kengo Kuma & Associates

1F 目隠しエクステリア

Making the most out of natural light, the contrasts between the dark wood and the white wall create distinguished patterns from the shadow created by the pattern within the wood. (Frida Escobedo — La Tallera Siqueiros — Image 18 of 52 — Europaconcorsi)

Rainbow church by Tokujin Yoshioka 吉岡徳仁の「虹の教会」 | DA

Tokujin Yoshioka "Rainbow Church" The Installation consists of a window made of 500 crystal prisms, which create rainbows within the space as the light is refracted.

Teshima Art Museum - wordlessTech

Teshima Art Museum

ryue nishizawa & rei naito, teshima art museum: "at 25 cm thick, the white concrete pod shell is devoid of any pillars or visible structural aid.

Peter Zumthor - Google 検索

I like the idea of a 'floating' wall. Its not really connected to the roof, floor or wall but separates space as if it were Kunsthaus Bregenz by Peter Zumthor