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a painting of a blue vase sitting on top of a wooden table
Giorgio di Chirico - THE NIGHTMARE NETWORK
Giorgio di Chirico - THE NIGHTMARE NETWORK
an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of a city
The Evangelical still life, 1956 - Giorgio de Chirico -
Giorgio de Chirico (1888 - 1978) | Metaphysical Art | The Evangelical still life
black and white photograph of a man with leaves on his head in front of him
Giorgio De Chirico (1888 - 1978) by Irving Penn | "Giorgio de Chirico was a Greek-born Italian artist. In the years before World War I, he founded the scuola metafisica art movement, which profoundly influenced the surrealists."
two people sitting next to each other in front of the ocean with buildings on their backs
De Chirico, Archaeologists, and dreams of the ancient past - Italian Ways
"The Archaeologists" by Giorgio De Chirico (1968)//Oil on Canvas
a painting with a red book on the table next to it and a building in the background
Giorgio de Chirico. Mystery and Melancholy of a Street. 1914. Oil on canvas. 88 x 72 cm. Private collection.
a painting of a man's head with gloves hanging on the side of a building
Giorgio de Chirico. The Song of Love. Paris, June-July 1914. MoMA, NYC
1915-1944/Giorgio de Chirico - The Song of Love, 1914/ Peinture métaphysique : mythes antiques et symbolismes et culture méditerranéenne.
a painting of a person on a bike in the middle of an alley with buildings
Mystery and Melancholy of a Street, 1914 - Giorgio de Chirico -
Mystery and Melancholy of a Street - Giorgio de Chirico
an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of some sort of art
贋作疑惑!ジョルジオ・デ・キリコ「不安にさせるミューズ(1951)」inサザビーズ・ロンドン - Jotok 旧ブログ
FENDI 都会的な「都会的な未来志向」 画家ジョルジョ・デ・キリコが第一次世界大戦に描いた形而上画家「不安を与えるミューズたち」のアーチにインスピレーションを得て建築。フェンディの発祥の地ローマで生み出される想像力とクラ仏マン湿布へのオマージュ。 f:id:jotok:20140726022840j:plain サザビーズで競売にかけられたジョルジオ・デ・キリコの絵画「不安を与えるミューズたち(1951)」(または「不安がらせるミューズたち」)に贋作疑惑がかけられてるそうです。作品の真贋性を確認する際に最も信頼されるカタログ・レゾネ(類型別全作品目録)にも掲載されている作品だけに、物議を醸しています。