Miko No Yu hot spring powder packaging design concept by Chiun Hau You - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2017/01/miko-no-yu-bath-powder.html

Miko No Yu (Student Project)

Miko No Yu Designer: Chiun Hau You Project Type: Student Project Class: Package Design I @ Taiwan Tech Professor: Ting Chien Lin Technical supports: Jack Liu, Sheu Yong Packaging Content: Hot spring bath powder Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Japanese packaging for rice.  They package and present everything so beautifully that the packaging and presentation in itself is work of art.

It's all in the packaging. We love this Japanese rice bag, so beautiful that we're sure every meal would be delish - has to be if it came in that bag, right?

Beautiful packaging - Five eggs wrapped in rice straw. #japanese #package #design

- Five eggs wrapped in rice straw . How to Wrap 5 Eggs is my all time fav book about Japanese Packaging Genius!

Japanese wrapping cloth, Furoshiki - that's probably a gift, but wouldn't it make a pretty throw pillow? I think so.

Japanese wrapping cloth, Furoshiki 風呂敷 How about using a pretty scarf to cover a pillow Más

Japanese sake barrels / komolabo project

These are 13 designs in a theme of “celebration”, which were created by 13 Japanese designers active in the fields of design, fashion and art.