japanese poster design

Im a huge fan if the pastel colors and the placement of the typography including the characters on top of one the people // 想像大街 - 勤美 誠品綠園道

Illustration for Ó! Fanzine on Behance

18 illustrators did some unique works so this could be possible and amazing! Also the illustrations will be for sale individually numbered and signed.

かとうれい rei kato on

Rallye Labelによるイベント『ソコカシコ 2015』が、10月12日に東京・渋谷のduo Music Exchange、TSUTAYA O-nest、7th Floorで開催される。 同イベントには、Rallye Labelに所属する日本人アーティストが総出演する…


I love asian art. I always have and I just wanted to add this to show an aspect of the asian art i love.