Easy Dessert Shots

Loving these shot glass desserts for girly get togethers .Strawberry Shortcake in a glass, Tiramisu Dessert shooter, Banana pudding dessert shooter, coconut cream pie dessert shooter, Chocolate Kiss Goodnight!


Holiday Gift: Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Swirl these blocks into a mug of hot milk and enjoy luscious hot chocolate. In need of a creamy chocolate fix? Nibble the chocolate blocks d. - /DandyFresh/holiday-food-gifts/ BACK

Stout Cake, Blackberry Coulis and Purée and Stout Chantilly Quenelle

Interesting plating with rectangular shaped cake - Stout Cake, Blackberry Coulis and Purée and Stout Chantilly Quenelle



Holiday Gift Idea for co-workers: hot chocolate on a stick :: recipe here. Add to hot milk for a delicious, amazing hot chocolate or eat it plain!


Matcha Green Tea and Peanut Nougat. Take these nutty and sweet snacks on your next adventure!

Hot chocolate bar for a party. i love this as part of a drink table for a wedding or potluck.

I spy some Ticket chocolate's awesome hot chocolate sticks in this post from And Now This. Cool holiday party idea: Throw a make-your-own hot chocolate party, complete with hot milk and toppings. Also a great hamper addition

Japanese Sweets, youkan, 発酵さしすせそ羊羹 五季(いつき)。

"Smart sweets" from Gokokuya that blend tradition and nutrition Plump, juicy, and beautifully formed, Gokokuya's "Itsuki Yokan" are a new take on tama