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Futuristic hospital room.

Design can be a subject of contention for the medical community. By focusing first on how the room functions rather than how it looks, NXT Health’s Patient Room reconciles the two worlds, and technology becomes the glue that holds it all tog.

Starship Bridge Interiors  3D Models

(this is a continuation of episode ** hours later, the whole team is in the front main command part of the ship ** Melta: we le.

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Real World Studios, UK. Owned by Peter Gabriel. Never been here but I'm intrigued by how the acoustics work in this room. Note the grooves in the floor; it looks like the desk etc can be moved around.

Space station interior

Solar Warden: The Secret Space Program Built with Alien Technology - Alien UFO Sightings

近未来的な… : 帰りたくないかも…∑(゚Д゚居心地が良すぎる図書館『武蔵野プレイス』が素敵 - NAVER まとめ

designed by kw+hg architects, musashino place serves primarily as a library, and provides spaces for youth activities, lifelong learning, and civic events.

Utrecht University Library

archatlas: “ Utrecht University Library Wiel Arets Architects The Utrecht University Library, established in is located on the Uithof campus, situated a short distance from the city center.